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    What should we pay attention to in CNC precision parts processing in CNC lathe industry?

    Author:Sumitech Date:2022-03-22

    CNC lathes are usually used to process materials. The materials processed by lathes are free cutting steel and copper. The free cutting steel contains high sulfur s and o-p. sulfur and manganese exist in the form of manganese sulfide in the steel. CNC precision parts processing plays a role of lubrication, making the steel easier to cut, so as to improve the production progress of lathe production.

    So what do CNC lathes need to pay attention to when machining?

    1、 Carefully implement the relevant provisions of the general operating procedures for metal cutting machine tools.

    2、 Carefully implement the following general regulations on lathes:

    1. When aligning the workpiece, only use the hand board to move the chuck or open the lowest speed for alignment, and do not open the high speed for alignment.

    2. When changing the rotation direction of the main shaft, stop the main shaft first and then change the rotation direction suddenly.

    3. When loading and unloading the chuck, it is only allowed to rotate the triangular belt by hand to drive the main shaft to rotate back. It is forbidden to directly start the machine tool to loosen or tighten the CNC precision parts. At the same time, a wooden board shall be padded on the bed surface to prevent accidents.

    4. The installation of the tool should not extend too long, the gasket should be flat, and the width should be consistent with the width of the tool bottom.

    5. It is not allowed to brake the rotation of the main shaft by reversing the vehicle during operation.

    3、 Carefully implement the following special regulations on special lathes:

    (1) Turret lathe:

    1. It is not allowed to process bars with bending and rough surface. 2. When loading, align the material head with the collet hole and tap it gently. It is not allowed to knock randomly.

    (2) Program controlled turning lathe:

    According to the process requirements, pre select the items such as the spindle speed of the work step program, the machining feed rate of CNC precision parts, the motion track of the tool holder and continuous offside.