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    Precision machining - the role of precision machining technology

    Author:Sumitech Date:2022-03-22

    1、 It is the main technical document guiding production

    The production planning and scheduling of machining workshop, the operation of workers, the processing quality inspection of parts and the accounting of processing cost are all based on process procedures. When dealing with problems in production, it is often based on process regulations. In case of handling quality accidents, the responsibilities of relevant units and personnel shall be determined according to the process procedures.

    2、 It is the main basis for production preparation

    When the workshop wants to produce new parts, first formulate the machining process specification of the parts, and then prepare for production according to the process specification. For example, the analysis and research of key processes in the processing technology of new parts. Prepare necessary knives, clamps and measuring tools. Purchase or manufacture of raw materials and blanks. The purchase of new equipment or modification of old equipment must be carried out according to the process.

    First of all, we know that non-standard parts are proposed relative to standard parts, so we need to know what is called standard parts before understanding non-standard parts. Standard parts refer to the commonly used parts produced by professional factories, such as threaded parts, rolling bearings and so on. In a broad sense, it includes standardized fasteners, connectors, transmission parts, seals, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, bearings, springs and other mechanical parts. Only standardized fasteners are included in the narrow sense. The commonly known standard part in China is the abbreviation of standard fastener, which is a narrow concept, but the existence of a broad concept cannot be excluded. In addition, there are industry standard parts, such as automobile standard parts and mold standard parts, which also belong to generalized standard parts.

    1. Benchmark first

    That is, the datum plane shall be machined first. During the machining process, the surface as the positioning datum shall be machined first, so as to provide a fine datum for the machining of subsequent processes as soon as possible.

    2. Divide processing stages

    The appearance with high machining quality requirements is divided into machining stages, which can generally be divided into three stages: rough machining, semi finish machining and finish machining. Mainly to ensure the processing quality; Conducive to the scientific application of equipment; Facilitate the arrangement of heat treatment process; As well as facilitate the discovery of blank defects, etc.

    3. Face before hole

    For parts such as box, support and connecting rod, the plane shall be machined first and then the hole shall be machined. In this way, the hole can be processed by plane positioning, the position accuracy of the plane and the hole can be guaranteed, and the processing of the hole on the plane is convenient.