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    Suzhou CNC parts processing factory looking for Quanxu Technology

    Author:Sumitech Date:2022-03-22

    There are thousands of CNC parts manufacturers in Dongguan! But it is necessary to find a professional manufacturer! Professional and reliable manufacturers save you a lot of things in the back. Delivery date and product quality should be considered! Let's introduce our Quanxu technology!

    Suzhou Quanxu Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in precision parts processing, five axis linkage parts processing, complex parts processing, invar alloy parts processing, titanium alloy parts processing, engineering plastic parts processing and non-standard parts processing. It also provides customers with modular assembly services in a one-stop manner, focusing on the fields of medical treatment, semiconductor, aviation, energy, automobile and communication. We have accumulated many years of rich experience in precision machining, surface treatment and other technical processes of invar alloy, titanium alloy and other difficult metal materials.

    Production equipment includes five axis, four axis and three axis CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, grinding machines, milling machines, drilling machines, wire cutting and other high-precision production equipment.

    The testing equipment includes three-dimensional testing instrument, projector, altimeter, film thickness tester, hardness tester, roughness tester, HRC hardness tester and other high-precision testing equipment.

    The company has a good management and technical team, high-end production equipment, precision testing instruments, perfect ISO management system, and our enterprising and improving craftsman spirit, so that we can provide customers with "high-quality products and good service".

    Look forward to our sincere service to win your trust and support!