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    What machining methods can be used for machining parts?

    What machining methods can be used for machining parts? Machining parts is the process of using facilities to change product specifications, models or performance. According to the temperature state of the product, it can be divided into cold stamping and quenching. Cold stamping is usually used to machine parts at room temperature, which is not easy to lead to product chemical reaction. Generally speaking, machining parts with higher or obviously lower temperature will lead to chemical reaction of products are called quenching.
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    What are the advantages of NC machining operation?

    Numerical control, fully known as numerical control (NC), also known as computer numerical control, is a technology that uses digital information to control mechanical motion and machining process. It is mostly used in automatic production, NC machine tools, mechanical arms and other fields. What are the advantages of NC machining operation?
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    Understand the causes of machining deformation and cracking?

    Understand the causes of machining deformation and cracking? In fact, there are many reasons for machining deformation and cracking, such as material problems, heat treatment problems, structural design problems, process arrangement problems, workpiece clamping and cutting line selection during wire cutting, etc. Among these factors, can we find the law of deformation and cracking in WEDM? Through years of in-depth research, the author puts forward the following measures to prevent deformation and cracking. Main factors causing deformation and crack...
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    What are the selection principles of NC cutting parameters?

    Feed rate is an important parameter in the cutting parameters of NC machine tools. It is mainly selected according to the machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements of parts and the material properties of tools and workpieces. The maximum feed speed is limited by the stiffness of the machine tool and the performance of the feed system. The principle of determining the feed speed: when the quality requirements of the workpiece can be guaranteed, a higher feed speed can be selected to improve the production efficiency.
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    What is five axis machining?

    According to the provisions of ISO, the right-hand rectangular coordinate system is adopted when describing the motion of NC machine tool; The coordinate axis parallel to the main axis is defined as Z axis, and the rotation coordinates around x, y and Z axes are a, B and C respectively. The movement of each coordinate axis can be realized by the workbench or the movement of the tool, but the direction is defined by the movement direction of the tool relative to the workpiece. Generally, five axis linkage refers to the linear interpolation motion of any five coordinates in X, y, Z, a, B and C.
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    Do you know the development background of NC machining?

    The industry has always been the largest user of CNC machine tools. Some large aviation factories are equipped with hundreds of CNC machine tools, mainly cutting machine tools. The parts processed by numerical control include the integral wall panel, girder, skin, spacer frame, propeller of aircraft and rocket, the die cavity of gearbox, shaft, disc and blade of aeroengine, and the special cavity surface of combustion chamber of liquid rocket engine. In the initial stage of the development of NC machine tools, NC machine tools with continuous trajectory are mainly used for continuous trajectory control.
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