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    [CNC precision parts processing] - Quanxu Technology

    Nowadays, many customers have great demand for CNC precision aluminum parts processing. In the process of new product modeling design, precision parts processed with aluminum as raw materials are very popular in the market. In order to adapt to the development of CNC precision parts processing, Suzhou Quanxu Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. has established a new product development model. The application of CNC precision machining technology can quickly and accurately transform the design idea into a physical model with certain functions, which not only shortens the development cycle, but also reduces the development cost, but also makes the enterprise take the lead in the competition of CNC precision machining.
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    Suzhou CNC precision parts center - [Quanxu technology]

    Suzhou Quanxu Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., the allowance of the light knife should be reasonable, so that the smoothness of the workpiece and the service life of the tool will be better. Before machining precision parts, check whether the tool swings within the allowable tolerance range with a calibration meter. The tool head and locking nozzle should be blown clean with wind or wiped with cloth before machining. Too dirty will have a certain impact on the accuracy and quality of the workpiece. When clamping, pay attention to whether the name and model of the precision parts processing workpiece and the program sheet are the same, whether the material size matches, whether the clamping height is high enough, and use a caliper to count.
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    Suzhou Quanxu technology - 【 precision machining 】

    Suzhou Quanxu Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in precision parts processing, five axis linkage parts processing, complex parts processing, invar alloy parts processing, titanium alloy parts processing, engineering plastic parts processing and non-standard parts processing. It also provides customers with modular assembly services in a one-stop manner, focusing on the fields of medical treatment, semiconductor, aviation, energy, automobile and communication. We have accumulated many years of rich experience in precision machining, surface treatment and other technical processes of invar alloy, titanium alloy and other difficult metal materials.
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    Suzhou CNC parts processing

    With the rapid development of mechanical equipment and mold manufacturing industry, the demand of complete machine enterprises for mechanical parts and supporting products is expanding day by day, especially the emergence of more and more products in the mold accessories market. The procurement of enterprise customers is no longer limited to low-cost products, and the mold accessories products with high quality, low price and considerate service have become the primary factor of enterprise procurement.
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    Suzhou CNC parts processing factory looking for Quanxu Technology

    There are thousands of CNC parts manufacturers in Dongguan! But it is necessary to find a professional manufacturer! Professional and reliable manufacturers save you a lot of things in the back. Delivery date and product quality should be considered! Let's introduce our Suzhou Quanxu technology!
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    CNC parts processing

    The machining method of the surface of CNC machined parts first depends on the technical requirements of the machined surface. However, it should be noted that these technical requirements are not necessarily the requirements specified in the part drawing, and sometimes they may be higher than the requirements on the part drawing due to process reasons. For example, the machining requirements for the surface of some CNC machined parts are improved due to the non coincidence of datum. Or because it is used as a precision benchmark, it may put forward higher processing requirements.
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